The Nursing Home Project - A Collaboration with Reutlinger

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic many of the residents in nursing homes worldwide have not been able to see their loved ones. The Reutlinger Community in Danville is an assisted living facility that caters to the personal safety and well being of their residents. Led by board president Keertana Sreekumar, this project allowed board members to give custom artwork to 6 of their residents, as well as soft blankets, candy canes and hand-written letters.

"I wanted to give the residents a experience they never had before," Keertana says. "We contacted over 10 different resident homes but found that the Reutlinger team was the most welcoming and collaborative out of all of them." Keertana worked closely with the life enrichment director at the time, Shannon Gallogolly, to ensure the project ran smoothly.

"We had eight artists making custom art with the information given to us from the forms we sent out. Each form asked for things like favorite color, favorite memory and what advice they would give to the next generation. We got very interesting responses from serving time in the military to traveling the world at age 16. The project members thorougly enjoyed the process of getting to know these lovely people!" The residents also sent pictures of their families and marriage photos, allowing more creative liberty for the artists so that they could make unique pieces for them.

"All the artists took their own path in creating artwork," Keertana says. Board members Shannon Mo and Stuthi Kadula did digital portraits of the people they were assigned.

While artists like Amber, Dione, and Meghana decided to go through traditional mediums:

Check out more of the amazing artwork included in the nursing home project on our instagram.

"Once we gathered up the gift boxes, we packaged them in these cute santa gift bags, topping them off with candy canes and soft blankets!"

"It was super cool reading about people's lives and making custom art!"

-Amber Lee, Board member

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