The DIY Mask Project!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the new normal that we all have to face is wearing a mask that protects us from the deadly virus. We all have to abide by our states’ guidelines for wearing these masks. However, whenever board secretary Numa Patel, saw those around her wearing their masks, it just seemed so plain which then made the world seem plain at large.

We all had to and are still facing this rough patch in our lives, so why not make the most out of it?

That is why our secretary thought of the idea of a DIY Mask Project to do with the board members of the San Ramon Youth Art Committee! In this mask project, our talented board members essentially accommodate for the orders we get for custom masks! Our buyers can give our committee the information we need to make custom masks for their businesses or for their everyday life. Our committee members know how to iron-on logos for businesses, stitch patterns on masks, and paint on the masks to make stunning designs for our consumers.

Furthermore, the benefits of buying our masks for our future buyers’ is the fact that they can have the satisfaction of buying and supporting our non-profit committee, while also supporting Yemen’s Children Relief Fund. We donate $3 from the total sales of each mask towards this organization that advocates and helps the malnourished children of Yemen get sufficient amounts of food to survive.

The lead of this project and secretary of this committee, Numa Patel, points out, “I wanted to create and lead this project because our customers would be benefiting many causes, including the donations to the relief fund, supporting our committee, and giving our board members a chance to experience making these masks. They would also be receiving an amazing mask or multiple masks for a business that is handmade and that is made with the utmost care."

One of our board members who is part of this project, Jessica Lee, and who made our first mask said in regards to this project, “I am grateful to be working on a project that keeps people safe and that makes people excited to wear masks!”

You can purchase masks for yourself or for your business on our shop which is located on our website as well! Support our small business and artists while also supporting a non-profit organization that helps underpriviliged kids by buying our custom masks!

All images, posts and information are under the ownership of the Youth Art Committee of San Ramon. Visit us at or contact us at

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