Keertana Sreekumar

      Visual Artist


Keertana learned colored pencil and soft pastel mediums at age 7, winning multiple national awards for her artwork regarding endangered and extinct species. Her love for animals and nature can still be seen in her series "Identity" and "Culture Erasure", both set to exhibit nationally in the coming year. She combines metaphor and poetry to portray messages of feminine emotion and movement. Though mostly self-taught Keertana attends the Pazouki Art Studio, where she was first introduced to acrylic. Her earlier work included hyper-realistic portraiture. She founded the YAC to nurture the creative talents of local teenage artists. She attends California High School. Her other interests include classical dance and novel/prose writing.


2013 Coastal Commission International Winner (Exhibited in Hayward gallery)

2013 National Endangered Species Semi-Finalist (Exhibited in Endangered Species Wildlife Museum)

2013 Wildlife Refuge Winner (artwork used in pamflet/other digital advertisting)

2017 San Ramon Street Smarts book cover winner 

2017 Wikipedia Photography Winner (Used on page)

2020 PTA Reflections winner 

2021 curator of "The Greatest Fear" national exhibition

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