About YAC

The Youth Art Committee of San Ramon is a city-affiliated committee of 20 youth artists that are talented in a wide variety of art forms. They are hand-selected from applications at the beginning of the school year.


Once a board member, they are given opportunities such as getting their portfolios reviewed by art professors to exhibiting work nationally and internationally.


Additionally, they participate in non-profit

based projects, including custom artwork for the elderly, providing scholarships to low-income communities, creating masks to raise funds for Yemen, and painting state murals for social justice causes.

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Q and A

Q: How do I become a board member? 
A: At the beginning of the school year, applications will be open and announced on all social media platforms. 

Q: How do I become an officer?
A: A separate application will be announced on all social media platforms

Q: What's the difference between the San Ramon Arts Council and the San Ramon Youth Art Committee?
A: The San Ramon Arts Council is an adult board that runs the art programs of the city. Our committee occasionally gets guidance from them but we are not directly affiliated. 

Q: Can this organization give out volunteer hours?
A: Yes! All-time used on both non-profit projects and opportunities can go towards any and all service hours. 


For any additional questions please visit the contact us page!

Past Projects

Youth Art Committee - sryouthartcommittee@gmail.com 

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